GW9900M - The unique arzenal

Our most accurate mouse, the GW9900M, can be a good choice even for e-sports fans, as the PMW 3360 PRO features a sensitivity up to 24400 dpi with 1000Hz sampling. One of the buttons on the mouse can be equipped with a "sniper" function, which ensures easy and quick aiming of the target.

Of course, it is not only the amazing resolution to decide on the GW9900M, but we have also placed 12 programmable buttons on the surface. The left and right mouse buttons also have OMRON switches that can survive up to 20 million clicks. The GW9900M has a black - graphite / grey, matte, slightly rough surface, and a backlight (11 separate mode) adjustable through a setup software.

The ergonomic surface of the GW9900M makes it easy to use, and customizability is guaranteed by the extra weights that can be placed in the mouse, making GW9900M more comfortable even if you prefer the light weight design or the more robust design. The GW9900M is the choice of the professionals!