GW9300M - The Sniper

Do you wake up with PUBG and go to bed with COD? Then you will definitely need a professional aiming mouse! All the GW9300M features are designed to become the perfect companion for FPS champions. The AVAGO 3050 + MCU sensor of the mouse is adjustable up to 4000dpi sensitivity and is also capable of 1000Hz sampling rate, and has 9 programmable buttons on its surface, so it's up to you how to use them. A separate "sniper" button provides easy and quick target tracking on our GW9300M mouse.

The design of the mouse is also tailored to the needs of the player, and the GW9300M has a black-graphite / grey, matte surface design that was smartened up with programmable RGB backlight. The backlight is adjustable through a software, and you can choose from 11 separate modes on the program interface.

Comfort is guaranteed by customization as, besides the programmable buttons, you can also adjust the size of the mouse to your palm. By replacing the right wing, the GW9300M can quickly transform into a large XXL mouse. If you want to be the king of FPS games, the GW9300M can help you realize your dream.